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How to Connect to Chronoskia

  • Register an account
  • Download the Custom client
  • Or watch this video on information on how to connect using the -devserver method
  • If using the devserver method it is recomended to put it in your desktop or if using the client you can either make a folder for it or just install it directly into the folder with the osu database
  • Turn off your antivirus (some antiviruses might cause some issues)

How to play on Chronoskia

  • Run chronoskia.exe as administrator

  • Just run the updater

  • If using the -devserver method make sure your target is -devserver and not -devserver because then it will not connect

  • Open the chronoskia client or open the osu shortcut with the changed target and login with your account

  • Enjoy
    NOTE: If the installation fails please contact a staff member here and explain your situation to try and see if we can fix your problem

    How to play on official osu! again

  • If you are using the custom client just close it and open the normal osu client

  • If you are using the -dev server method just close the shortcut and open the original osu client

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