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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to Chronoskia?
You can either follow the instructions over on our connection guide

Where is Chronoskia’s source code?
Chronoskia’s source code is located at our Github!

What are clans? How do they work?
Clans are a way of competing on the pp leaderboards with your friends. Clans are RX (relax) only. Clan ranking and score is determined by the sum of its respective members. Because clans are RX only, mania clans do not exist. You can still be in a clan and play mania, but your gained pp and score will not be added to any leaderboard. STD, Taiko, and CTB are the only supported modes.

I can’t connect due to “Bancho authentication failed”
Double check your password is correct. You can reset it at our password reset page if you forgot.

I’ve found a bug! What do I do?
Report the bug over on the Chronoskia discord. Make sure your bug isn’t listed in the known bugs section below.

Where is the Chronoskia patcher!
We do not have a patcher. You can only connect to Chronoskia via the client or -devserver method. Visit our connection guide for a step by step process.

What do I get for buying supporter?
A glowing username on your profile, custom profile backgrounds and badges.

Known Bugs:

  • osu!direct download fails from time to time.
  • osu!direct isn’t playing sound!
  • maps won’t download in multiplayer
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