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Connecting to Chronoskia through IRC

Chronoskia’s IRC is limited, and only really designed for bot usage. Our supported IRC commands are PASS, NICK, USER, PRIVMSG, NOTICE, JOIN, PART and QUIT.

To join Chronoskia’s IRC, make sure to follow this checklist:

  • Connect through out IP,
  • Make sure to use port 6697 for SSL, and 6667 for no SSL.
  • Replace spaces in usernames with underscores. Example: “chrono test account” -> “chrono_test_account”
  • Generate your password here. Use this password and not your regular password. Don’t show this password to anyone.

Once you have connected to Chronoskia’s IRC server, you can join a channel with the following command:

  • /JOIN #channel
  • To get the list of channels use /list.
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